3 Steps for Dealing with Chronic Neck Pain

3 Steps for Dealing with Chronic Neck PainSomething I face in my life is chronic back pain and I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. Mine in particular is due to extraordinary amounts of stress. Another common area that individuals feel pain is in their neck. So what are some great ways to deal with neck pain?

First, you might be dealing with chronic neck pain because the muscles in your neck are constantly tight. Have you ever tried stretching or exercising your neck muscles? It will more than likely be uncomfortable at first, but begin by slowly rotating your neck in a circular motion, first one direction and then the other direction. This gentle movement will help to wake up the muscles and get them warm. In addition to circular motions, move your neck slowly from front to back and then from side to side. Slowly as your muscles get more loose your range of motion will increase and you will feel less pain than when you first started.

Second, take care of your self when you shower and bathe. When standing in the shower use hot water and make the same movements previously mentioned in order to wake up those stiff neck muscles that are causing you pain. The hot water will help ease the pain as well. If you are like me and love hot baths, you can do that to help ease the neck pain as well. You may even consider getting some bath salts that help reduce pain such as Epsom Salt. This salt in particular consists of magnesium and sulfate which remedies health ailments along with soothing the mind. Magnesium in particular helps to regulate the activity of certain enzymes and also helps to raise serotonin levels in the brain.

A third great option for dealing with neck pain is the old heat and ice routine that is common with injuries. Placing a heating pad on the back of your neck will not only help you to relax, but the heat will help to stimulate the blood flow. Ice on the other hand has the opposite affect and is meant primarily for helping to reduce inflammation and numb or dull the pain.

These are all great ways to help reduce chronic neck pain for individuals but they are more remedies that you can do on your own. What if you are wanting some additional help from a professional? One option could be to get regular massages. There are many benefits of massage including and not limited to: easing of pain and tension and giving you a relaxing outlet. It can also help to rejuvenate an individual. Another great option for individuals who suffer from chronic neck pain is to visit a chiropractor. Dr. Gala, Dr. Kelty and Dr. Tornabene from Complete Care Chiropractic & Massage have a genuine concern for your well being and are committed to helping you reach a better state of health. They understand how important your back and neck are and how uncomfortable pain is and how to make it stop. Visit their office today and see how you could be living more pain free. 

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