How Shaving Lotion Gives The Perfect Shave

For quite some time, people have been debating whether or not shaving lotion is beneficial. After many years of research, scientists have discovered that there are several advantages to shaving with lotion. However, the lotion needs to be designed for shaving.

Common lotions that are used for shaving have been emulsified with H2O, pre-mixed and aerated. When compared with shaving soap, lotion is almost always a better option. Lotion has been shown to provide better protection than the alternatives.

A Comfortable Shave

Most people just want to get a comfortable shave. It doesn’t really matter what they use to get the shave. However, a comfortable shave consists of a few different aspects. In other words, some conditions must be met if a shave is to be comfortable.

Lotion is an excellent tool, and it can be used to achieve the conditions that are required for a comfortable shave. Although most stores are packed with shaving creams, it’s the lotions that deliver favorable results.


One of the conditions required for a favorable shave is lubrication. Unfortunately, many people skip this simple condition. Lotions that are used for shaving contain a decent amount of fat.

In most cases, the fat is in the form of natural oils, and these oils do not actually penetrate the skin. Instead, these oils are meant to lubricate and protect the skin. When skin is properly lubricated, a razor blade can glide over it quickly and easily. The blade is able to quickly cut hair while never dragging across skin.


The second condition that must be met is optimal moisture. The lotions that are used for shaving give skin the moisture that it craves. Many lotions contain glycerin, which is extracted from natural oils.

The reason why glycerin is used is because it has what is called a humectant property. The glycerin locks in moisture and keeps skin hydrated. When hair follicles are surrounded by a humid environment, they’re much easier to trim.

Emolliating the Skin

Lotions that are used for shaving emolliate skin, which gives it a chance to recover. A number of shaving products have artificial preservatives and colorings. Unfortunately, these substances can dry out and irritate skin.

A good shave lotion doesn’t contain all of these preservatives and artificial ingredients, so it’s the perfect emollient. Lotion will soothe skin, which makes it easier for skin to recover. Many types of shaving cream contain SLS and harmful ingredients.

It’s hard to find lotions that contain such ingredients. To get a comfortable shave, all of these conditions must be met. Fortunately, shave lotion meets all of these conditions. Although consumers might be forced to pay a bit more money for lotion, it’s almost always better than shaving cream.

Shaving gel is also a popular product, but unfortunately, it’s a lot like shaving cream, so it’s very hard to get a comfortable shave with typical shaving gel. A quality shave lotion can provide a comfortable shave that many of the alternatives cannot provide.