The Next Big Thing

Portrait of a senior couple shopping using computer laptop

Portrait of a senior couple shopping using computer laptop

Life has changed a lot from my days as a young kid. We never had the internet, but look at how much the internet has changed the world. Just as life has advanced, so has our technology and it continues to change and grow at a rapid pace. You’re either able to keep up and adapt, or you slowly fade away to the background. For years, the cable companies were the go-to source for television and phone service. When the internet began to boom, internet service was added and once again, the cable companies were the sole providers.

Next Level

FiOS is the future. FiOS is a fiber optic internet network that is able to move data at unthinkable speeds. Cable companies are still bound to copper wiring, which is basically last gen tech. 100% fiber optic networks are copper wiring free, full of cutting edge tech and are set up to be fiber-to-home; meaning data goes directly to you!

Bundles of Joy

Cable companies can’t offer next gen speeds that we not only require but demand. More and more people watch television programming on tablets and cell phones let alone the TV. Even video games are played heavily on phones or tablets. Cable is bound to your television, we need something that is boundless and that can follow us everywhere. Depending on my choice of a variety of plans, I can take the tradition of home viewing mobile. That’s next level.

Breakneck Speeds

At the minimum speed, you could download a 5 gig movie in under an hour and 200 photos in less than 10 minutes. As the options of speed increase, these times decrease drastically. The higher speeds allow FiOS to be an extreme workhorse letting your family do what they do with no snags or slowdowns. My family stays online all the time, FiOS can handle that AND any downloading or streaming that is going on at that time between all of my families devices.

This is a no brainer. It’s time to step your tech game up and embrace the future. Whether you’re shopping around for a new deal on your cable bundle or looking to cut the cord completely, FiOS was created to function in the very world that we live in today. So if FiOS service in Gaithersburg interests you, i suggest you give Verizon a call.

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